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“With neuroVIZR you can visit deep meditative states in 11 minutes. With your eyes closed you’ll see the LED lights form basic geometric shapes and colors that entertain, relax and recover your neural network.”

Garnet Dupuis, creator of NeuroVIZR

”Executive DMT – 15 minute break and you are back to your senses.”

Teemu Arina, founder of Biohacker Center

“This new class of wellbeing ritual enables me to enter a state of direct experience. Visiting my own personal neuroreality is a unique ceremony everytime I enjoy it.” 

Anna Nylander, boss lady @annabetweenworlds 

Garnet Dupuis

Compositions in Light

3D printed biodegradable LED headset in Candy Apple RED & mobile library for music made out of light foriOS & Android

With the world’s first Neuro Reality (NR) wearable you can visit your inner space, bring illumination to your own personal underworld and find that without a doubt – light is our First Language.

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