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Biohack your bio field & recode your

subsconsious for exactly what you want.

Evening with Taio Grace

Copenhagen May 28th


Portal into quantum

The human Biofield is an energy matrix that the neural network projects around our body.

Holographic Human Operating System (HHOS) is a map of the human biofield through which we can access the subconscious that operates every health system of the human body.

With the HHOS we can holographically modulate the subconscious command signals with precision to achieve many desired results in health and self mastery.

Taio Grace

Holographic Evening

What you get from this seminar

90 + 90 minutes: theory download, applications, demonstration and Q&A

  1. Evidence of why biofields are holographically rich with data.
  2. How the biofields relate to our subconscious.
  3. Introduction to energy centres as primary doorways into biofieldsand how they can be mapped, read and edited.
  4. How to navigate the holographic data field through biofeedback.
  5. Navigating biofields at a distance through unified field of consciousness.
  6. Precisely locating physiological or psychological stress and trauma.
  7. The new paradigm of self-guided health and mental emotional wellbeing.
  8. Basic codes to begin editing your subconscious programming.
  9. Future applications of the holographic fields of consciousness.
  10. The marriage of artificial intelligence (AI), 3D anatomy engines and the Holographic Human Operating System (HHOS).

HHOS Nordics Tour


Saturday, 28th May

Yogastudio Rört, Vermundsgade 13, 2100
Cph Ø

Holographic Human OS

How it functions

Logging the stress indicators gives us a flux field constellation (map) of how the subconscious is running into conflicts.  

Using the HHOS we precisely track and locate physiological & psychological historical stresses, traumas, blocks and avoidance strategies. We can then edit and delete these historical, underlying dysfunctional programs

The final step is to program the empowerment of one’s being and replace the deleted programs with what is truly in alignment with your true self.

Why is this significant

Authority complexes (the subconscious invisible power structures) are enormously significant in the induction and maintenance of nervous system chaos – which causesanxiety, emotional turbulence and disease. Looping and confusion in the nervous system firing causes disease and tissue/muscle tension.

Therefore : To make conscious and edit these programs and complexes can lead to vast and fast reduction of (or in many cases people have reported the vanishing) of body, emotional and mental symptoms altogether.

Holographic Human OS

Taio Grace

Holographic Explanation

Holographic means each part has the information of the whole but from a different perspective or in a different manifestation. In fractal reality any part of the whole can give us information about the whole. Thus the field of the human being has a rich source of data projected into it from the central nervous system.

Not only is this in the field of the body, but many other energetic fields projected of and from the body and it’s systems and organs. These all form a complex and rich hologram. MRI scans are the tip of the ice berg in revealing this hologram as they evidence a fraction of the interior fields of the human brain. In the same way as the inner fields of the brain waves modulate, so do the outer fields projected into the external hologram.

The field hologram changes with each thought pattern but recurrent subconscious firings make a recurrent field pattern. Different brain-to-body field structures present with each focus of the brain. This “nervous field” enables the reading and editing of it itself by reflection.

—Taio Grace

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Holographic Human OS